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My Pockets

For Clara Sue

No greater trust have I
than to put
the things I find here
and there
in my pockets…
my shoes…
the small bag I carry
with me as a banker
might carry a safe…

My pockets honor this trust
as do my shoes
and other safe places where I keep
valuable stuff…
like lunch money, rocks,
feathers, and my heart

I do not tell water
its purpose is to run down hill
nor do I tell my pockets
that their purpose is to guard my things
until I can hide them in my closet
or under the bed.

There are things I cherish
that I cannot put in my pockets,
in my shoes, or in the small bag I carry…
things like time,
sunshine, stars, a dog’s kiss,
Happy Birthday songs…

There are things I fear
that I don’t put in my pockets,
things I don’t want to find
in the lint, things I don’t want
to put in my closet or under my bed,
things too sad to mention here because
At the end of the day
when I empty my pockets,
my shoes. my small bag
I want only happy things to sort through,
things I can paint or assemble,
things that tell who I am.

In my pockets
I keep my hopes, my dreams, my future.
Posted 04242020

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Your voice penetrates the membrane
that separates our time and place,
just as your scent seeps through the strata
of sand that shifts beneath my feet
when I walk deserted beaches listening
to sea shells, waiting
for the morning sun to skin sleep
from my eyes.

I was not always able to meet
these illusions head-on, nor am I
now able to grasp the reasons
you are still at my side,
breathing the same air perhaps
dreaming the same dreams assuredly.

I know only this: in my solitude
I touch your soul upon each turning
of my feet, I taste the sweet juices
of your nectar with each sip of water
that crosses my lips, I miss the physical
shimmer of your nearness.

Still, the universes in which we are trapped
exist because of us; that is the meaning
of life eternal and the source of the hope
buried deep within my chest that you and I,
though separated by the stars, are on parallel paths,
never an arm’s length from our next embrace.


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